About Us


GOODPWR is owned and operated by experienced industry professionals who have worked in the solar industry since 2010 and personally hold over twenty electrical licenses and certificates along with six solar industry related US Patents. They’ve been a part of building successful sales and field operations for large national companies with along with creating strategic partnerships with industry manufactures and lenders.

GOODPWR is the only solar company whose CEO is endorsed by manufactures as an industry expert, personally installed thousands of PV systems and is a Master Electrician who personally holds the company’s contractor licenses.

With guardrails around sales practices, coaching for installation procedures and a firm commitment to putting the customer first, we’ve created a model that finally does what’s good for the consumer, the installer and the sales consultant.

The Mission

Be the ‘ONE’ in the industry. The one that actually follows through with customer service, quality installations and efficient timelines.

The Solar Industry is in need of a paradigm shift. What’s good for the customer is good for solar, period. If it's not good for the end consumer than It shouldn’t been happening in the industry and yet there are shady reps, shady installers, predatory lenders, etc.

There needs to be a model that unapologetically puts the main priority on doing what's good for the consumer, first and foremost.